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One River Mississippi

Report from the Artistic Director

Issue No.9: August 16, 2006

“Y’all brought us to the river. I really feel closer to the river.”




Note from the Director

The ripples from this immense event have not all reached the shore. People continue to comment on the power of the project, and I am still digesting all that happened on June 24th.

Visit our website to see stunning photographs of the event at each site and to read the media coverage accounts. And if you haven’t yet sent us your photos or media clippings, please do so!

Profuse THANKS go to all of the hundreds of individuals who gave their time and energy to this project. It couldn’t have been done without the river community making the commitments that they did.

The One River Mississippi performances were astounding!! There are hundreds and hundreds of people who helped to put this on – from the barge companies to the choral directors, the telephone installation guys who were operating cherry pickers in St. Louis and the Quad Cites to install the phone lines out in the middle of very long bridges; the kayak groups, the seamstresses, the people who tightened the brass couplings on our “disks” that were at each site.

I especially want to thank the choreographers, my fellow artists without whom this project would have never happened. The choreographers had one conference call the day after the performance, and I am looking forward to having another connection with them all, except we will have to get along without our choreographer from the Quad Cities, Johanne Jakhelln. She has returned to her native Norway with her American husband and family; One River Mississippi was her last production and off she went!

And, of course, I am exceptionally grateful to the wonderful people who funded this project – over 200 individuals and foundations.

Close to two months after the event, I remain very appreciative, amazed and delighted. It is humbling and inspiring to see a vision become a reality.

Marylee Hardenbergh, Artistic Director


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