One River Mississippi ~ June 24 2006
Audience Survey

Where did you attend the One River Mississippi performance?

1. On a scale of 1 to 5 how important were the following reasons in deciding to come to tonight’s event?

                                              Very important  
Less so
Didn't consider
a. Chance to learn about the river          5 4 3 2 1 DC
b. Chance to attend a free family event   5 4 3 2 1 DC
c. Chance to attend a dance performance
d. Great way to celebrate the river  5 4

2. On a scale of 1 to 5 to what extent do you feel a connection to the Mississippi River?

  Extremely strong
No connection


3. Do you know where your tap water comes from?

  Yes   No      
If you answered "yes" above, please tell where your tap water comes from:

4. Which of the following sources of pollution do you think contribute to the dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River from your community?

Check all that you think apply:

a. Discharge from industrial plants and factories
b. Sewage treatment plants
c. Runoff from streets, driveways and rooftops after a rainstorm
d. Animal wastes
e. Nutrient runoff from farm fields
f. Public open spaces (golf courses, cemeteries, parks etc)
g. Transportation of goods on the River
h. Land use decisions, including “smart growth” plans
i. Other -- Please explain:

5. What actions do you take to help preserve the health of the river ecosystem?

Check all that apply:

a. Wash your car on the lawn
b. Not flush medications down the toilet
c. Use phosphorous-free fertilizers
d. Restore natural floodplains and wetlands
e. Take paint, motor oil, antifreeze etc to collection sites for disposal
f. Pick up after your pet
g. Buy local and/or organic produce
h. Write your local, state, and national leaders urging them to keep the Clean Water Act strong and effective
i. Only put chemicals on your lawn when it won’t rain for a couple days
j. Compost your leaves and grass clippings
k. Learn more about how your actions affect downstream communities
i. Other -- Please explain:

6. What would help you get involved in helping improve the Mississippi River’s water quality?


7. (Optional) Please give us some information about yourself:

May we have your ZIP CODE?      


Male   Female    
Age? Under 18 18-24
25-34 35-44
Race? (check all that apply) Euro Am Afr-Am Nat- Am Asian-Am Latino/a Other

We would like to contact you to participate in a brief follow up survey, if you would like to take part please provide the following:

email: OR phone:
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