Email us your snapshots

Got a photo you really like? E-mail it to us. If it’s good quality and we don’t have another like it, we’ll use it for our Performance Slide Show.

One hint: since the performance involves everyone, including the watchers, we welcome photos of the audience reacting and participating.
Regrettably, we cannot pay for your photo, but we will give you full credit.  Remember to include as much detail as you can: site, photographer, time or point during the performance, what the photo depicts.

 How to e-mail your great photo of the Dance:

  1. Please send one photo per email. Please send your photo in .jpg form. Remember, these are for the web, so if your photo is large, please reduce the file size; less than 100 KB is good.  We will ask you for a larger file size if necessary.  
  2. Send your .jpg via email to  Be sure to include as much detail as you can!





One River Mississippi

















Email us your snapshots
June 24