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ItascaSite-specific dance works very closely with the space where the performance takes place. Our dance makes the site come alive through movement, color and rhythm. When we choose the location for the audience, we make sure that they will not be looking into the sun. We research the site repeatedly by standing where the audience will be and allowing the site to unfold its treasures to our imaginations.

The Itasca site was an easy decision: to have the dance be performed where Lake Itasca drains into the stream, which is the source of the Mississippi River. The Department of Natural Resources has created a wonderful path that leads from the new Interpretive Center’s parking lot to the Headwaters. Here people can easily wade across the river. The site is surrounded by tall pines, and has a lovely view of the lake.

For directions to the site, visit the Itasca state park website:



One River Mississippi

















Itasca : Site as Canvas
June 24