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The One River Mississippi project is designed to honor the Mississippi River as a vital, natural and national resource to be used and enjoyed by a diverse constituency. This project utilizes the power of site-specific dance to impact the hearts and minds of the audience. Audience members report that after they see a site-specific dance, they never see the site again in the same way. One aspect of these performances is that we are focusing on citizen awareness of water issues both locally and along the entire river, and endeavoring tostimulate awareness of the need for community action to sustain the river’s ecological, environmental and economic health. One River Mississippi will inspire greater public education about local water issues and emphasize the individual’s role in protecting the river for their enjoyment and for rhe use of future generations.

Tracy Fredin is the Director of Environmental Issues for this project. He directs the Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) at Hamline University. He invited Ms. Hardenbergh to be CGEE’s Artist-in-Residence in 1998. He has been CGEE’s Director since 1997, providing overall management direction and financial oversight in addition to his teaching responsibilities. Mr. Fredin, a nationally recognized environmental educator, serves as One River Mississippi’s Executive Director and fiscal agent, and advocates for watershed stewardship locally, nationally and internationally.

The work of the Center for Global Environmental Education as a whole revolves around our relationship with the natural world, public awareness of environmental issues, and environmental stewardship. As part of its ongoing Citizen Education program area, One River Mississippi addresses the all-important area of water: especially as it relates to creating awareness of Mississippi River water issues.


One River Mississippi is aiming for the following outcomes:

Improved awareness of the importance of the Mississippi River as an environmental treasure, economic asset and historic and cultural icon;

Increased stewardship of the Mississippi River by young people, families and other community members;

Increased awareness of the need for improved water quality at performance sites as a result of community engagement around the river, in addition to the educational, printed programs handed out at the sites that discuss river issues and appropriate corrective action.

Create awareness of the Mississippi River among a broad constituency by encouraging people to come physically to its banks for the ORM performance;

Educate citizens about river-related issues in their communities;

Engage communities in river-related activities and projects;

Foster stewardship in communities where ORM is performed.




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