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Jana Larson is the overall director of operations and heads up the team of local site managers.

Jana is an artist and filmmaker whose work strives to illuminate the absurdities of being and longing. She recently returned home to Minneapolis from Japan where she spent nine months researching material for a little epic that is hopefully coming soon. She attended the graduate program in Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. Honors awarded to her include the Princess Grace Foundation Graduate Film Honorarium in 2003, the University of California Center for the Humanities Fellowship in 2003, a Russell Foundation Grant in 2002 and the Rae K. Haepps Fellowship in 2001. She has considerable experience in film production, in teaching University students film production, film theory and writing, and in organizing technicians, artists and performers in the production of large and small events. She is looking forward to supporting Marylee and all of the artists in One River Mississippi put on this glorious show.



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June 24