Art and a Sense of Interconnectedness

One River Mississippi is one unified art system. While many miles separate our seven sites, each of these communities are stepping forward to create a single public art performance. This project takes seven distinct sites and showcases their differences, while highlighting the fact that all of these sites have in common: the river. These performances melt the distances between these communities, and through this instantaneous connection links the entire length of the Mississippi River.

This event is free and open to the public.

This vast performance project is site-specific art and as such it acknowledges both the local site and also the larger site of the Mississippi River. At each place, local choreographers are performing a dance that is created only for that site. Therefore, each community will produce its own unique, locally based performance. Yet they will be held together by the synchronized timing of identical music and by unison movement for the final minutes of the performance.


photo by Ellen Brown


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ART : Overview
June 24